Riding, coding, crafting: Explore the world through my lens and laser.

I’m a software developer and model aircraft designer/builder with a passion for adventure riding, woodworking, and tinkering with CNC machines. When I’m not coding or building, you can find me cruising on my motorcycle or working on home improvement projects.

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Yes, I do sell some of the things that I build and draw. These items range from motorcycle accessories,
balsa model aircraft kits to custom wooden boards.

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Adventure Biking in South Africa, always beautiful

Have a look at some of the photos and place I have visited in this beautiful country. South Africa offer limitless landscape and stunning landscapes and challenging terrain from the moment you mount the motorcycle


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My Mission

Handcrafted In South Africa
Since 1988

As with many things in life things start early, with sneaking out a school during the break to run to the local news agent to buy the latest copy of the Radio Modeler magazine. The source for everything distracting me from my home work in my parents eyes. I would spend many hours in front of a scroll saw cutting kits by hand, these days it’s a lot easier, to this day I still build and offer model aircraft kits to delight the enthusiast and occasional pilot. I would like to keep the hobby a cheap as possible for modeller, while offering a quick building kit that aligns perfectly with every build.

Over 30 years of
experience in Model Aircraft building

For longer then I can remember I loved building “stuff” from wood, But more then building stuff, I loved building things that worked. Seeing these at a family members house as a kid, I fell in love with building model aircraft…

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handcrafted wood boards
made of durable hardwoods

it’s quite an interesting story, “What do you do with the offcut wood from kitchen building?”. Well, you manufacture custom hardwood cutting boards. These boards range in size from a small piece to a large 600mm X 600mm cutting board. All wood is sourced from wood vendors around Cape Town, I prefer to concentrate on sustainably sourced wood. Each board is different and can be made to size.


All wood is sourced ethically from timber merchants who do not purchase illegally felled trees, ensuring stock for years to come


Each board is unique, and while one cannot guarantee the wood, the time and attention give to each board comes as standard.


American species like oak, ash, walnut, poplar, maple, cherry, hickory, and beech
European species like French oak and white beech
African species like kiaat, Zambezi teak,
African rosewood, blackwood, yellowwood and obeche
Incredible exotics like zebrano, wenge, cocobolo, bocote, ziricote, kingwood, tulipwood and more.

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