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We were now ready to schedule time to do the layup preparation, we decided to do this on a full day, I said it would take 3-4 hours.

We used:
– Ram Wax
– PVA release
– GC1/080 Gel Coat
– 1 layer 163g Twill Glass
– 1 layer 210g unidirectional cloth
– 3 Layers of 410 Biax Glass
– Ampreg 21 epoxy.
– Cotton Flock
– modelling Clay

We first Filled the Gap, using modelling Clay, these corners where all squared and cleared with a squared off credit card. Once done we polished the Plug, with some G18 and then 5 layers of Ram wax. After doing the Gel coat, we precut all the cloth and filled all the “Corners” with cotton flock. Then the cloth went on in the following order, 1 layer 163g Twill Glass, 1 layer 210g unidirectional cloth and then 3 Layers of 410 Biax Glass. I was worried the about all the bubble and I would like to put a Bladder in the mold. So I decided, I need to vacuum all the air out, I went home for dinner and came back and the mold was hard. After, 3 hours of staring at the mold cleaning it up, I decided the mold was hard, and MAD kept saying he was worried it was not coming out to easy.

So I started unscrewing it, Usually in the past, I would worry but I was certain it would be perfect this time. I took off one side, it was flawless, then the other and the two sides. I wasn’t going to split it, but Sydney was saying am I thinking what he is thinking. So I split the mold, no resistance, nothing. The mold came out, but there was gel coat on my hand… DAMN. It turned out the second batch of gelcoat was not perfectly mixed. Not serious. I will correct this afterwards as it’s only on the flange. What was a total disaster and is also fixable is we used Nuts to mate up the halves. This chipped off some Gelcoat. I will fix it but note to Self, next time use something flat in index it. I though the result proved the the time spent on the layout preparation was well spent.

Here is the result, I will let the final un-cleaned product speak for itself.