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Yesterday, we had a little issue whereby we needed to modify a production APK to work with Integration. So I want describe how to Decompile, Alter and Compile an apk using the Apktool. I have done some decompiling of Android APK’s in the past to learn how people and companies have achieved something. Never did I have to decompile, alter and re-compile an app using the Apktool. I volunteered naturally as this option seemed loads simpler than looking for the original branch source code at that point.

You should have a good compression tool on you machine I prefer Winrar, but you can use anything you wish.

A text Editor, I use Notepad++

At this point I will assume you already have the current JAVA JRE and SDK installed. You will need this for signing the APK. You should also have the Android SDK, for editing & Compiling etc… You will more then likely already have these if you are at this point.

You will need the ApkTool,the latest version can be downloaded here. The tool allows you to reverse engineer 3rd party, closed and binary Android applications. The tool does this by decompiling / compiling the code using Smali / baksmali. This tool required three files:

  1. apktool.bat
  2. apktool.jar
  3. aapt.exe

Once you have all these tools (not many I know this isn’t that difficult at all), the you are ready to get cracking… I mean reverse engineering.

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