Hi I’m Sean Kriegler, – the Software Developer, Home builder, machinist and Modeller this is just a little about me

First and foremost, I have been a modeller since the age of 13, building house since 2007 and developing professionally since 1996 locally and internationally. I have learnt an awful lot along the way thanks to lots of reading, fellow modellers, software developers, colleagues, home builders and of course trial & error.

I learnt many things the hard way in both cost, method of building and developing, there are so many ways to build (software, planes, houses, CNC machines and 3D printers) and each person needs to figure out exactly what is good for them. That’s what this entire site is about, I want to help you to understand how and why I do it. I have a naturally inquisitive personality with attention to detail and drive to succeed, I sincerely believe you can do anything.

Software Development & Architecture
I got into Software development purely by accident and it turns out that I have a knack, and ability to solve peoples problems rather fast. While I will never proclaim to be the ninja software developer, I do enjoy the challenge that my career provides me. I started out working with HTML, ASP (with VBscript) and JSP pages way back when the internet was in its infancy. Today, I work with anything from C#, Java, VB.NET, T-SQL, Html, Xml and many others. The languages are exciting and seemingly endless so why limit yourself to just one or two. I work on a full stack of applications, API’s, Services, Android Applications, ASP.NET, Jsp, MVC, AngularJs, JQuery and many other frameworks

Today, I have over 20 years experience in Professional Software Development including Hiring talent, architecture, UI design, development, implementation, project management and maintenance of Web, Windows & Android applications. In addition to these areas I have had my fair share of requirements gathering, business & process analysis and modelling.

I have helped implement comprehensive IT solutions utilizing the latest project methodologies, Patterns & Practices and sure hard work. I have filled numerous roles including Mentor, Analyst, team lead, solutions Architect, senior developer and the calming negotiator. Where required I produce clear written communications including technical and non-technical project documentation, UML detailing program design, hardware integration, project scheduling, implementation and training. I have been told I have a highly adaptable aptitude which enabled me to work closely with business stakeholders and clients to create solutions and working relationships in the fields of: Travel, Mining, Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, Medical, Accounting, Banking, Human Resources and Education.

I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional, holding an MCSD and MCDBA certifications.

Radio Control aircraft modelling
As a modeller, I never had the money as a kid to fund my hobby, so I made a plan and perhaps this website will even help those who want to build planes for other people, who knows. This made me a better modeller, some even say master builder, my competitive streak has won numerous scale model aircraft competitions and a hard luck prize. I want to make this site for you the modeller, please fell free to leave comments and input. I’d like to share with you some of the tips, tricks and shortcuts for producing better built aircraft.

You obviously heard of the house that Jack built, but this is the house that Sean built. Five and a half years of planning and building, to take a 100sqm house and turn it into a 357sqm home. This is a work in progress and I will periodically up the page with my thoughts feelings and experience on home renovations and improvements. My wife maintains a better log on Facebook, I’ll try keep up.

My Resume
This is probably the easiest of the lot to answer as I try keep it up to date. Who knows how you got here, however, perhaps you are a prospective future employer. Should you have any questions please or require a word version email me

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