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For many years I have been wanting to write a series of articles on house building, but that never fully panned out turns out it’s quite time consuming (the house building too). Stuff like waste management (garbage and recycling), water security and off grid Solar in an urban area for many years, but the more and more I read articles from people supposed having done it, the more I realize how many people write stuff that they haven’t done considered or even have any experience of it or in it.

What I can save is with everything that is written “Caveat Emptor”. I will also state clearly upfront that I am no professional builder, electrician or plumber, but having essentially rebuilt my own home, including  re-wiring, re-plumbing, off gird back-up water supply and recently having had a full PV solar system installed according to my design and specification. I can confidently say in my situation I know what I am talking about and I what I wanted to achieve… And I have succeeded in many ways more then I expected.

And no I am not some sort of Eco-warrior with pent-up anger, that still buys stuff with plastic wrappers… And Everything is doable since I have done it!

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