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In this article I hope to show how to use a Jquery UI dialog prevent / cancel form submission. Based on a work requirement I wanted to stop the submission of a form, so I could validate the some checkboxes using JQuery, if they were all checked the okay button would be enabled and the form would be submitted. This Solution, always for an infinite amount of check boxes to be iterated through and only if all of them are checked will you be allowed to proceed, then it will submit the form as per original. You can check the entire Fiddle here

jquery ui dialog

<form id="objectdata" name="objectdata" action="newOrder.jsp" method="post">
    <div id="validateServicesContainer" title="Service Cancellation"  style="display: none">
                The following Services will be suspended during upgrade.<br /> 
                Check service to confirm?
        </tr><br /><br />
    <input class="sServices" id="chkBox1" type="checkbox"/>Service 1<br /> 
    <input class="sServices" id="chkBox2" type="checkbox"/>Service 2<br /> 
    <input class="sServices" id="chkBox3" type="checkbox"/>Service 3<br /> 
    <input class="sServices" id="chkBox4" type="checkbox"/>Service 4<br /> 
    <input class="sServices" id="chkBox5" type="checkbox"/>Service 5       
     <input id="chkBox6" type="checkbox"/>Service 6<br /><br />
     <input type="submit" id="btnOpenDialog" value="Validate then submit" onclick=",event)"/>

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This last year has been an interesting year, Let’s hope the new year is a better year. There has been a huge amount of hack attempts against this site, it really makes you wonder what the intentions are.

I lost almost an Entire year’s worth of articles, partially due to me not making making my own back-up’s but al on over reliance on the host. They migrated servers and my sites bar this one came up. I should have disabled my plugins first but I didn’t, they back-up’s with host wasn’t complete, and they overwrote all my changes, and tha lost all the new articles I had made very sad.

Oh well, all this stuff happens we learn from it and we build more knowledge. So Happy New Year welcome 2016


Happy new year