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Composite molds

Making a composite mold is all about preparation,like anything else if the foundation is good you have a good start. Mold making for a composite aircraft is no different, see what materials are available ask questions and try it. Composite materials vary and it’s always best to find the right stuff for the job.

I constantly strive to find new ways of doing things and over the years I have found some things work better than others. This time round I need to thank Mike (aka mikegbogh) for the recommendation of using a Farecla product called G6 Regular Grade Paste Compound. I contacted the local Agent, and they gave me some samples to try needless to say, two days later I bought the products, Wow!!!!. This product is available from most good Automotive paint store, if you are stuck try the Local Agent Gondolier they have a list of distributors per region. Internationally you will need to go to Farecla Products/ and track down a distributor.

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