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With there being so many adhesives on the market which is the correct one for me to use?

Here is a basic list of adhesives, and while there are more you certainly don’t need everything one reads about to get a plane in the air. There are no right or wrong answers here just differing applications, right tool for the right job

  • ACETONE – ABS plastics take some off cuts dissolve it in acetone so it makes a paste like toothpaste, glue your ABS plastics together with this mixture, it will weld/ fuse the two parts together you can tack glue it with Thick CA if you don’t want to masking tape it together.
  • ALIPHATIC Resin – for surface where you will be sanding down use ALIPHATIC RESIN – ALCOLIN PROFESSIONAL it’s the only aliphatic resin on the Market in South Africa, I am aware of but there will be definitely others overseas. Check one of my previous posts there is a picture there, want to see the results check MAD’s build. Joining wing sheeting, stringers, i.e.: any place where you will be sanding down and covering
  • CA – use CA, for it for taking or places where you need to glue things together fast and soak the wood for a better bond. You could glue your entire plane together with it but its expensive and nasty if inhaled too much. CA goes brittle when used with accelerator directly, trial fit your joint spray accelerator on wait a minute or two minute then put on the CA, you be surprised how good a joint this makes and crack free no brittle. Use it for repairing Fiberglass cowls (with Micro balloons), joining ABS plastics
  • COLD Glue / wood glue – Yes there is a place for good old wood glue. Internal structure or where you don’t or have to sand as it doesn’t sand easy and leaves lumps and bump. Reason for this is that it remains semi flexible for a very long time. So wing ribs, cap ribs, formers, foam wings, Wing joiners and wing tubes into foam wings. Etc…
  • EPOXY – Places of high Stress and strength 30/45 minute epoxy (5 minute epoxy is waste of Time). Firewalls, landing gear block, wing Joiners Tail wheels etc…
  • EPIDERMIX 372– In Places of high Stress and strength, can be used for gluing in Jet formers, landing Gear etc… hardens in 16 to 20 hours
  • SIKAFLEX 11FC – Ducted Fan Motor mounts and anything else you want never to fall out and remain flexible.

This is just the adhesives I use in my plane building, excluding epoxy resins from AMT

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